Hello There! My name is Norman, founder of Men With Fibromyalgia. This site began shortly after I received my Fibromyalgia Diagnosis. Why? Because I wanted to start a video pain journal telling my story, but so many others wanted to do the same, then Men With Fibromyalgia was born.

Speaking of being born, I was born and raised in Northern Canada with the fortune of being a USA Citizen by birth on my Mothers side, I have been able to travel most of North America and have been exposed to many different cultures.

Currently living in Southern Arizona, I have a wonderful wife, to whom I have been married since 2008. Fibromyalgia Diagnosis We have been blessed with a  spirited Beagle/Shepard named Winchester, a Beagle/Jack Russel named Luna, our two kittens named Missy and Muggins, and rotating foster puppies.

I began my life career in 1996 by joining the United States Marine Corps! Sadly due to injuries and
situations beyond my control this career was ended in 1997 when I once again joined the Civilian work force.

Since then I have done everything from being a Server, Radio DJ, Building Inspector, Traveling Salesman, and Business Development Director.

After receiving an unofficial Fibromyalgia Diagnosis, Adrenal Fatigue, and Osteo Arthritis in 2011, and
finally officially receiving a Fibromyalgia Diagnosis and Arthritis in 2014 by the VA, I had to find a way to slow down my life. In 2012 after speaking with many fellow Veterans, I joined and became a patient at the Southern AZ VA Hospital. During my time there as an out patient, I have seen both good and bad. However, with the Chronic Pain that came with my health, I have to say because of the VA, and especially the Ironwood Pain Clinic in Tucson AZ, I have been able to maintain a better quality of life than before I saw them.

Fibromyalgia Diagnosis
According to the CDC in 2014 one in every eight people with Fibromyalgia are men!
You Are Not ALONE!

So, when my health took it’s downturn, my loving wife Stephanie with her best friend and I decided to launch SpoonGeeks.com, a blog and video blog about Invisible Illness & Chronic pain. As my knowledge about Fibromyalgia grew, I was ready to strike out on my own, to tell the Fibromyalgia story from a man’s perspective.  This has rapidly grown into MenWithFibromyalgia.com with our YouTube channels and Facebook page.

With personal thanks to the Tucson AZ VA for allowing me to share some of the tools they are providing me, we have been able to help many other people with Chronic Pain and illness!

I believe that there is a Cure coming for chronic pain, and diseases like Lupus, Fibromyalgia, etc. In the
mean time my goal is to spread awareness about Invisible and Chronic illness to the best of my ability.