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People are as different from each other as snowflakes are as different from each other.  Neither one person nor one snowflake is identical to another.  So lays the mystery of both Fibromyalgia and Aquatic Therapy, which is why I specialize in Fibromyalgia Aquatic Therapy!

Each Fibromyalgia client with whom I have worked has been affected by the disease differently, some severely, some minimally, some in between and with varied symptoms as delicate and intense as the colors in an Arizona sunset. Thus each client offers a different opinion of how aquatic therapy has affected their lives.

Some say it’s because the saline water of the Fibromyalgia Aqua Therapy pool is so like the water in our bodies. Some say it’s because the temperature of the therapy pool is 96º, again so similar to the temperature of our own bodies – 95º to 98º.

Some say it’s the movement, essential for life itself, that can often be difficult at first because of the pain of fibro but just the entrance into the warm water becomes a release of pain.  And still others say it’s the combination of all these factors.  Here are some thoughts expressed by clients who have participated in my aquatic therapy sessions.

Fibromyalgia Aquatic Therapy Circulation“After an hour of an aquatic therapy session I chart my symptoms and find my average pain rate has fallen from 5.5 to 4.5 out of a possible 10.”

The warmth of the pool and the gentle exercises loosen my muscles and joints made stiff by fibro.  At first I could be in the water only 30 minutes before fatigue overwhelmed me but gradually I adjusted to the heat and made it through the entire hour and became able to drive home myself. The positive effects of this therapy stayed with me for days.”

“My relief from fibro was a combination of the specific exercises and the warm water.  The stretching helped with the leg and joint pain and allowed me to sleep at night.”

“The main benefits of aquatic therapy to me are increased energy and resilience.  As a result I can work full-time, travel and enjoy time with friends.  I am not pain-free but my life works better.  My body works better.   I feel less depressed, more hopeful and better able to make plans”.

I too, think the magic of the Fibromyalgia Aqua Therapy pool is brought about by the similarity of the average body temperature and the temperature of the pool water of 96º,even one degree less is man-aqua-therapy-brandeddetrimental.  That temperature protects the body from even a minor thermal shock, rather like the protection a fetus receives in the womb.

Another factor is the buoyancy of the body in water that lessens its weight and allows weakened muscles to move more freely, become more flexible and strong encouraging the process of healing to tissues that have been damaged by inactivity, disease and pain.

Then using diaphragmatic breathing during the movement/exercises in the water releases tension throughout the body, replaces the oxygen the muscles have just used moving, and improves the blood circulation that stimulates the body’s wondrous healing process.

The ease of movement in water lifts the spirit, improves posture and balance and encourages the body’s natural rhythmic flow that renews a sense of pride in one’s body. Because of the extraordinary pleasure Fibromyalgia aquatic therapy offers, I believe scientific research into its therapeutic aspects is neglected.

So who and how can solve the mystery of Fibromyalgia and Aquatic Therapy, and its ability to apply its magic on those of us whom suffer?

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“Fibromyalgia Aquatic Therapy”
Written By: Carolyn Rashti
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