Hello Men with fibromyalgia! Mr. Fibro aka Norman here, and today we’re going to be talking about something very important to me! I call it my little blue buddy it’s the Oska Pulse, and we’re going to be talking about PEMF therapy, what that is, and how it can help you! 

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Today we’re going to be talking about PEMF therapy, and a lot of you’re probably asking, well what is that Norman what is PEMF? Well PEMF basically is electromagnetic therapy and the best way to describe it. The technical term is pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Now in using this particular process of therapy, it actually involves a powerful and pulsed energy waves that are directed towards damaged or injured areas of your body. These waves painlessly and quickly move through your cells, are helping to massage that cells work out the toxins and convince the cells to heal in the damaged area.

Now if you suffer from chronic pain, from fibromyalgia or Lyme this is definitely a great long term therapy. Now with that, the Oska Pulse and why I want to talk about it, is quite simply it works! I have gone online and done a lot of research on PEMF, I’m going to put some links down below for you guys so you can see those as well.

But one thing I want to share with you, because I know the biggest question people are going to ask me is, Norman how much does it cost?

PEMF SuitcaseWell I am actually looking online right now, while I am writing this this. So there is the “ProGen II Premium” (see left image) it’s a PEMF machine $1,500 on sale. There is the PERL M+” Part Rife/part PEMF all frequencies $5,999. There is the “MagEnergy PEMF Body Mat” medium digital it’s 6 ft and they want $1,350 for that one. Then another one “PEMF Coiling System” and Amp for $7,500!

WOW! That’s a lot of money for home therapy, especially if you suffer from a chronic illness. You may not have medical insurance, or may not be covered by your medical insurance, that is huge.  This little Blue Buddy, right here, regular everyday $399. Now that’s not $3999, but $399 dollars! Overall that is fairly cheap. Now I know for a lot of us that is a good chunk of change, so I do want to tell you why it is worth it!

Now I was first given my Oska by Steve, he’s one of the founders of Oska Wellness, and you can find out more about the blue buddy go to Oskawellness.com they have all the all the stats, and all the information there. But they’ve proven time and again that this little tiny machine, is equivalent to one of those suitcase machines that I just mentioned, that you have to carry around lug around with you does the same thing and it’s a lot smaller and as you can see very lightweight very portable.

Now you’re probably going, well there doesn’t look like there is much to it. Well there used to be a whitePEMF Oska Pulse 1st Gen bumper here, a rubber bumper on the bottom. As you can see, this has been well loved and well used. I also want to state that this is the 1st generation of the Oska Pulse. They have changed the wrapping on it, it is definitely a better wrapping now. If you read the blog I actually have a picture of the new rapping in the blog. If your just watching here on the video, unfortunately I can’t put that image up, but if you go to Google Images just look for Oska Pulse, you’ll be able to see the new wrapping. I really like the new design, I’m actually going to be getting a second one for my Wife.

PEMF Oska 2nd GenWith that said, I was given this back last May. I actually met with Julie Ryan. If you go back on our Youtube page, you will get to see that interview.  Now while I was there, they turned it on, I was sitting next to Celeste Cooper and Julie Ryan. The Oska was between us. At that time, you guys remember I had a lot of issues with these fingers going numb, specially these two. I think we were talking for about 45 minutes, and I want to do something, and these fingers weren’t numb! AND THAT just amazed me, that was just in 45 minutes!

Now from a lot of the reviews I’ve read from other bloggers, basically you don’t know that the Oska Pulse works, or is helping you until you go to do something, and you realize; Wait, that should hurt and it didn’t!

I was skeptical I really was, but fortunately because of Julie Ryan, Celeste Cooper, a lot of the other bloggers out there that we really trust, Melissa Swanson, Donna Busch, they all said you know what try it!

You know nothing wrong with trying it, and still I was skeptical because “TENS” units don’t work for me. TENS units actually just increase my pain. The nice thing about the Oska Pulse, which I learned the first day we used it… This you don’t feel anything, as matter fact I’ll just turn it on here. You heard that little beep and see that nice glowing blue. That tells you it’s working, and right now it’s working on my upper body, because that’s where I’m holding it right now. If I want to use it down by my waist, I just put it down there, as a matter of fact, I’m just going to tuck this in my waistband so it is out of the way right now.

So, what I have found is my medication intake, my daily morphine, my daily muscle relaxers, my daily Pilldrill Smart Medication Trackinganti-inflammatories.  After about 4 -5 months, started really decreasing. I didn’t need to take them every day, or every other day.  Then I got down to about once a week, and I haven’t had any morphine since… let’s eat today is December 8th, I have to go back I’d have to look at my PillDrill, which is another great device which we will talk about in another video.

I want to say it’s almost 2 months since I took any morphine, and the last month I’ve been off my muscle relaxers anti-inflammatories. I’ve been taking them as needed which is about once a week, instead of every other day or daily as it used to be. I’ve also been able to get off the Lyrica and the Diflocanac, and all my pharmaceutical medications. I put a lot of that to my little Blue Buddy.

Because as I said in the beginning with PEMF therapy, it goes in and massages the cells, it massages the tissues, at that deep cellular level. So not only does it help to detox and regenerate those cells, but actually encourages the body to help heal itself!

Don’t just take my word for it. There are a lot of other blogs, lots of other reviews out there. If you want to learn more about PEMF, Links used in research: www.OskaWellness.com
$55.00 Off: Discount code MENWITHFIBROMYALGIA  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulsed_electromagnetic_field_therapy

The Guide to PEMF

A few months back, actually about 9 months back, my Sister in Law was in a motorcycle accident. She Chronic Pain Headachehad a lot of damage, had to have some surgeries.  About 2 months ago we went out to Michigan to visit my family. We had a good time visiting with my brother and sister, but she could barely get off her chair! I mean she could get up and move but it hurt. So for the length of our visit there, which was just under a week, I gave her the Oska Pulse, I told her how to use it, I told her what it it done for me. Also anytime I went by her, and it wasn’t on I just hit the button. She’s like but it just went off, I said so just turn it on again.

At the end of the week, she’s like it was okay.  Now about two weeks, actually about three weeks later, my brother sent me a text and he said. “How do I get one of those? Because she’s really hurting again, and she didn’t realize how much it helped her, until she started hurting again.”

Wow! Again it’s one of those ones that you don’t realize it until you go to do something and you like wait that didn’t hurt. Or you stop using it and it starts hurting again.

So the Oska Pulse, Absolutely, absolutely a must have in any chronic pain toolkit.

PEMF Oska 2nd Gen

Again I will put the link down below, also if you go to Oskawellness.com and want to purchase one, I’m going to give you guys $55 off. Use the discount code MENWITHFIBROMYALGIA. That will give you $55 off the Oska Pulse, so that’ll take it down from $399 down to $340 something, 


With that I’m going to wrap up here, but have a very very pain free day, as pain free as possible, or I should say painless as possible. And Remember!

You Are Not Alone. Men, Women, and Teens get Fibromyalgia. We all get fibro equally, so we’re here to help, If you have any questions please leave them in the comments down below. Head over to our blog at MenWithFibromyalgia.com to read more about PEMF therapy and what the Oska Pulse has done for me.


God bless


PEMF Therapy

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  • December 20, 2017 at 11:46 am


    We apologize for this confusion. While many of their sales still allow for the discount code to be used, their current sale does not. It does however enter you in the drawing to get your $299 refunded! I have changed the information on the website, and at the time that I wrote this, I did not know about their current promotion.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention, and for your understanding.


  • December 19, 2017 at 7:36 pm

    Your coupon code does not work if they are having a sale. I tried it and they replied that it is already on sale and you won’t get anything more off of the price. Thought you might like to know.

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